Better vending machines for your Greater Boston Area workplace, including Southeastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island

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Vending machine service perfected

We place high-end vending machines for our clients and stock them with must-have snacks, beverages, and food items.

Vending machine satsifaction guaranteed
  • Mobile enabled

    Being able to pay for a product using a smartphone is one of the conveniences that sets our vending machines apart.

  • Connected equipment

    We constantly monitor and track each vending machine with wireless technology to ensure its working and filled.

  • Trusted products

    What’s inside the vending machine counts, which is why we fill it with brand name snacks, drinks, and food.

  • Instant Refunds

    If you run into an issue with your purchase, we can send an instant refund to you via Venmo or PayPal.

Vending that enriches corporate culture

Take 5’s vending machines not only satisfy hungry and thirsty employees, but improve morale. Employees love the wide range of brand name products and appreciate the convenience of their favorite items being right in the break room. Technology-enhanced equipment makes the vending experience innovative and dependable, reflecting positively on your business in the Greater Boston Area, including Southeastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island.

Vending machines in the Greater Boston area, including Southeastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Personalized products

Every location is different, therefore we customize the vending machine products for your specific needs.

Choose from dozens of great-tasting healthy and nutritious selections to meet demand.
Offer several types of drinks, from sodas to flavored waters to ensure a good selection.
Don’t forget those indulgent options that boost mood and sweeten the work day.
Include entrees, sandwiches, and other food items made with quality, fresh ingredients.

Must-have products.
Reliable vending service.

Trust your break room to the vending machine experts — Take 5 Vending.

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