Food made right here, in the Greater Boston Area, and delivered fresh to your food vending machine in Southeastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Taste the difference

Break time enhancing menu

Fresh food in the vending machine ensures a quick, delicious entree or food snack is available when employees need it.

Whole foods

Made with fresh, quality ingredients, our food is produced at a local, FDA-approved facility.

Personalized menu

Pick from a wide selection of foods for the vending machine that will appeal to employee tastes.

Employee perk

Offering a food vending machine allows employees more flexibility and convenience at work.

Productivity booster

Avoid work-distracting hunger and lengthy trips off site for food with food vending machines.

Dozens of delicious options

Since all food is made locally, it’s fresh and created to match the preferences of the Greater Boston Area, including Southeastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island.

Cold food

Choose from a wide range of delicious sandwiches and wraps made with quality meats and cheeses.

Healthy sides

For a small meal, snack, or side you can enjoy several varieties of yogurt and freshly packaged fruit.

Super salads

Crisp greens topped with crunchy vegetables and savory cheese/meats in demand by your employees.

Hot dishes

Food in your break room that is easy to heat and enjoy, such as burgers, soups, noodle dishes, and more.

Ensure your business stands out with quality food vending machines from Take 5 Vending at 508.697.0800;