Healthy refreshments ideal for the Greater Boston Area, including Southeastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Customize your solution

Wide variety of healthy options

We provide all the latest selections in better-for-you and nutritious products to help your employees refresh themselves better.

Aid employees

Support staff in their efforts to live a healthier lifestyle with healthy options in the break room.

Happier employees

Those that eat and live healthy are more positive and miss less work than their counterparts.

Vast variety

We bring in dozens of healthy options to try, including regularly rotating in new selections.

The easy choice

Ensure better choices are simple to find by bringing healthy options to your break room.

Experts in offering healthy

Easily identify the healthier options in our vending machines or micro-market with the FitPick symbol.

Feel good about choosing healthier items marked FitPick. These products meet standardized nutrition requirements established by a registered dietician and recognized by the national association for convenience services. It makes it easy for employees to know which items are good for you and better for you in the break room.

Plenty of variety for your employees

Fruit galore

Bite into the sweet and tangy treat of fresh fruit for essential vitamins and minerals.

Tasty bars

From protein packed to meal replacing, our healthy range of bars will fit your needs.

Creamy yogurt

Opt for a great tasting way to get calcium, probiotics, protein, and more with yogurt.

Healthy entrees

Savor the sandwiches and wraps made locally with fresh, healthy ingredients.

Enrich the culture in your workplace with healthy items that taste great from Take 5 Vending at 508.697.0800;