This Summer’s Hottest Drinks

Summer is here!

While the season may conjure up images of sunbathing on a beach or skipping out of the workplace early to cool down with an evening cocktail, you don’t have to wait until after hours to indulge in some of your favorite summer drinks.

A wide selection of cold, refreshing drinks full of tropical flavors will bring the island vibes right up to your desk. We’ve been keeping an eye on what drinks consumers are cracking open this season and which products you should have on hand in your breakrooms.

Well, Well, Wellness

Starting with the definition of what’s on trend, new-age drinks are taking our markets by storm. These drinks are healthier alternatives to the legacy beverages known to dominate the market.

With reduced sugar and added nutrients, these drinks are perfect for a health-conscious public looking for alternatives to high-sugar, carbonated beverages like sodas. Despite the name, new-age beverages aren’t new; they’ve been around for nearly a decade!

The desire for guilt-free indulgence allows these products to stay relevant throughout their tenure. Often made with electrolytes and other nutrients, these drinks are designed to refresh and hydrate without sacrificing delicious flavors.

So Juicy

You don’t have to be ashamed of sneaking a juice box for yourself. These childhood favorites are for adults too. With bold citrusy and fruity flavors, not to mention all the great-for-you vitamins and nutrients, fruit juice is a summer fan favorite.

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes are especially great sources of water and vitamin C in the summertime. According to several lifestyle news outlets, they help to reduce body temperature, and vitamin C is a great nutrient to prevent skin damage in hot weather.

A classic glass of OJ, a bottle of grape juice, or an apple juice box will help you stay cool and energized this summer. And you won’t be alone; juice rises in popularity as summer comes around. Stock up and enjoy!

A Bit of the Bubbly

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s a new brand entering the sparkling water or seltzer market. It comes as no surprise given how often people have plucked these fizzy favorites from store shelves.

The number of brands in the sparkling water space is increasing, and so are the innovative flavor combinations. Sparkling water distributors are pairing tropical tastes like pineapple and coconut with the citrus of lemon and lime. Fruit flavors from passionfruit to peach are capturing buyers’ attention.

Alternative sodas are also trending. Carbonated with ingredients like apple cider vinegar, these alternatives are a health-conscious replacement for a classic cola.

Go with Your Gut

Alternative sodas aren’t just a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Often paired with prebiotics and probiotics, they also support gut health!

Probiotics, the healthy bacteria in your gut that aid digestion, are essential to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Fermented tea drinks like kombucha are loaded with these, and their cult following is steadily growing. Kombucha might not be king for long, though. New brands are constantly popping up with probiotics in flavored sparkling and water varieties.

As the summer sun blazes on, everyone will be looking for cold, refreshing drinks. This summer, pack up your cooler and fill your workplace with summertime flavor and hydration-forward beverages. After hours, you can enjoy some happy hour fun, but you’ll have to keep the drinks zero-proof when at work. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Take 5 Vending keeps all of your team’s favorites in stock all summer long. Get started today to kick off the season in style.

Water Service for Boston, Brockton, and New Bedford Offices

Water Services for Boston, Brockton, and New Bedford Offices

Staying hydrated is key to staying happy during these long, hot summer days. Clean water is the most important beverage you can offer in your Boston, Brockton, and New Bedford break room. Although Massachusetts has some of the highest quality drinking water in the country, many people feel more comfortable drinking filtered water. How can you ensure clean water for employees? You can bring one of our many water service options into the office for everyone!

The Importance of Drinking More Water

When we’re at work, we’re there to do the obvious- work. So why not make sure your employees are on the top of the game when they’re in the office! 

Drinking water regularly during your workday ensures that you feel fresh and energized for improved productivity. Drinking water also helps Improve brain function. The human brain is about 75% water which means that dehydration has a direct effect on its functionality. Effects of dehydration on your brain include decreased alertness, slower reaction times, and reduced attention spans. Keeping hydrated ensures that your brain is firing on all cylinders for maximum effectiveness.

Wondering What a Water Service in Your Business Would Look Like?

When it comes to bringing in water for the whole office, there’s many options. Depending on what your space, size of workforce and budget are, every office might find a different solution that works best for them! Here’s a list of some of the office water services we offer.

-Bottled Water, which can be displayed in a vending machine, micro-market cooler, or pantry-service style.

-Cooler Service, which requires a source of water to plug into in order to filter water to be dispensed. Most commonly, this is the cheapest option. 

-Water Cooler, which we provide 5-gallon jugs of your favorite brands of water including Crystal Rock, Polar, and Poland Springs. This option is great for businesses that don’t have a water line available in their break room space, but still want filtered water.

Interested in bringing in water service for your office? Give us a call at 508-697-0800 or visit our website to leave a message today!